The Operation Prize or Price Dr. Neruda

By Mario Casasús, Published on March 24, 2014



Dr. Price is a smokescreen invented Sergio Draper , after ordering injecting the poet Pablo Neruda Dipyrone , the physician on duty was withdrawn, leaving the patient under the responsibility of Carlos Massera . Historically there is no " Dr. Price " no records in Chilean universities , or at the Medical College of Chile. The only time the word " Prize" was related to Neruda was in Sweden, during the ceremony (Nobel Prize 1971) Nobel Prize for Literature. Sergio Draper betrayed the name " Price" hypothetical colleague of the Santa Maria Clinic to distract , or dictatorship named the alleged murder of Neruda as Operation Prize.

The book The Lives of the poet ( Lom , 2004 ) published the cover of the newspaper La Prensa de Santiago : " The seer had entered Wednesday 19 of this month. His death was certified by the attending physician , Dr. Carlos Macera , according to the bulletin issued , the cause was cardiac arrest " ( 24/09/1973 ) . It was the first time I read the name Charles Massera , there I contributed the data of " Dr. Macera " in the book of Neruda Murders ( 2012). The February 10, 2014 , I discovered the same name at the National Newspaper Library of Mexico : "It was Dr. Carlos Massera who was with Neruda at the time of death and announced the death of the poet " ( Excelsior, 09/24/1973 ) . Holders of Excelsior recorded: "He died Neruda in Santiago : his Isla Negra home had been raided ," " Four days before he was transferred from his refuge in the capital ," " is expected to come today or tomorrow with other refugees." Mexico 's Foreign Ministry issued a press release: " The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported last night that the DC- 8 Aereoméxico , this morning come to Santiago to carry our country to another group of Mexican and Chilean political refugees , should have also traveled Pablo Neruda. The poet was invited by President Echeverría so that our country will attend the serious illness he was suffering for several months " ( Excelsior, 24/09/1973 ) . For your medical treatment, Neruda internaría at the National Cancer Institute of Mexico , the prognosis for life was one year , according to Dr. Francisco Velasco : " The prostate cancer was inoperable , had bone metastases of pelvis. He was made a palliative operation , a vertical size to relieve your discomfort and combat urinary tract infection " ( Neruda. Great Friend , 1987).

To understand the context from 11 to 23 September , I consulted the Mexican press time , the paper directed by Julio Scherer reported : " The poet Pablo Neruda is confined to his home in Isla Negra , under house arrest by order of the Chilean military junta ... decided to isolate and prevent him from making declarations that are not in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Board. Around your home there are police preventing anyone from entering or leaving , without good reason or pass . Their phones are tapped and was not allowed visitors . The presence of journalists near Isla Negra is immediately repelled by the police. Neruda can not talk to anyone, not even by phone . Neruda also health is not good. In recent days he has been in bed "( Excelsior, 21/09/1973 ) . The dictatorship had declared : "General Augusto Pinochet today told Radio Luxembourg that the poet Pablo Neruda ' not arrested ' . The head of the military junta said that the Nobel Prize for Literature is ' very sick and very old ' for military ' have an interest in it ' " ( Excelsior, 09/17/1973 ) . Journalist Manuel Mejido sent Excelsior , confirmed: " The curfew came to Isla Negra accompanied by two police officers who had been a cordial invitation to the occupant of one of the houses from the beach, refrain from leave 'til new order ' . A cordon of soldiers lay round about the residence of pine logs to ' stay comfortable ' its occupant " ( This happened in Chile, 1974).

The Cultural Attaché Mexico reconstructed the details of the operation to rescue Neruda ; night September 16, 1973 , Ambassador Gonzalo Martínez Corbalá contacted by phone from Mexico , with Pascual Martinez in key instructed him : " The Lord invites to dinner at our friend who had dinner a few days ago ' , I said, ' Very good. ' I understood that it was the President of Mexico , only he could call him ' Lord,' and the word 'eat' implied the official residence of Los Pinos in Mexico . We knew the phones were tapped " (Clarín 02.12.2014 ), 17 Corbalá Martinez announced to the press in Peru : " Wear the invitation of President Luis Echeverria for the poet Pablo Neruda as guest of honor of the government of Mexico " ( 11/26/2013 ) , meanwhile , Pascual Martínez began searching the poet in Santiago , early 18th went to Isla Negra to deliver the letter of Luis Echeverría, after receiving the invitation Manuel Araya came to hire an ambulance to scheduled transfer ( there was confusion about the exact day when the ambulance hired Araya , Neruda 's driver admitted in a telephone interview, which was on September 18 ) . 19 Pascual Martínez returned to Isla Negra , Neruda but had already left the Clinic Santa Maria , on the afternoon of 19 arrived two Mexican diplomats to visit his friend and reiterate the invitation of Luis Echeverría .

Upon entering the Santa Maria Clinic presented the first problem , the Cultural Attaché Mexico stated, " Mrs. Matilde Urrutia was looking for a drug, I offered to get it , the next day I gave him medicine to Mrs. Urrutia. Thanks to a contact I had in Mexico , a friend bought the medicine took him to Benito Juarez Airport , the aircraft performed flights from Vancouver to Santiago made a stopover in Mexico City , there remained two hours and arrived the next morning at Airport Pudahuel in less than 24 hours Neruda was the medicine I needed " (Clarín, 02.12.2014 ) . However, Dr. Sergio Draper said that the Santa Maria Clinic did not need any medication , it is your word against the reliable testimony of Pascual Martinez ( the diplomat argues that since the entry of Neruda denied medicines ) and Manuel Araya ( the driver got out to find another drug the afternoon of 23 September, confirmed by the widow Matilde Urrutia data) . Indeed , Neruda had difficulty finding their medicine due to the economic suffering the Popular Unity, April 29, 1973 , the poet wrote the following request: " Bring me or send me Pindione for veins . Also Cortancyl ( Prednizona ) of 5000 . 2 bottles " ( Love Letters , 2010). The postcard was addressed to Matilde Urrutia, while in France trying to sell The Manquel preparing and shipping the things that were left during the move , 1972.

The Prednizona is a cortisone and Pindione is an anticoagulant , Neruda was aware of the treatment against prostate cancer , Matilde letters to realize the side effects (diarrhea ) by cobalt radiotherapy and discomfort of the disease, correspondence begins on April 16 , Neruda wrote: "the medical bulletin (which I just gave the phone to Pancho ) is as follows:" ( a reference to Pancho is by Francisco Velasco , the friend and physician of Neruda ) . On Tuesday 16 , Neruda wrote from the Hotel Miramar: "Today I hurt the hip but the doctor reassured me , asking me to make a new x-ray radiography but Dr. Salazar has not sent me , I will talk to Bulnes " . On April 18 he wrote : " last radiation, vitamins, calcium , possible further tests ." On May 7 he wrote : "Medical Bulletin . I declared an infection with very tenacious bacilli , as scarce here some remedies Pancho asked to send him directly to the antibiogram to buy me the best antibiotic . " Again the reference appears before the " drug shortages " and repeated the name : Pancho ( Francisco Velasco ) Pancho Neruda and discussed on the phone every day, the medical bulletin , the surgeon Velasco nurse assigned to your trust during radiotherapy treatments in Valparaiso ( data taken from the unpublished memoirs of Francisco Velasco) , Neruda also channeled to Dr. Vargas Salazar.
The widow Matilde Urrutia recorded that was Dr. Francisco Velasco header Neruda : " Your doctor Valparaiso was arrested on the 13th, so I could not reach . Then I communicated with Vargas Salazar, Santiago , and he prescribed me antibiotics that I already had " (secure Funeral, 1974). The surgeon Velasco hit in diagnosing Neruda : "In his last visit to Valparaiso and could hardly walk , cancer metastases in the bones of the hip caused him severe pain stoically suffering " (page 125 ), " Cancer prostate was inoperable , had bone metastases in the pelvis. He made a palliative operation , a vertical size to relieve your discomfort and combat urinary tract infection "(page 121 ), and finally Dr. Velasco Neruda wrote in the book . The great friend : "You never told diagnostics Neruda , although he knew it , but still acting as if it ignored " (page 122). The results of the exhumation of Neruda corroborated the presence of cancer metastasis .

News agencies confirmed that the DNA corresponding to 99.9 % Neruda (La Tercera, 21.03.2014 ) , which strip land of a conspiracy theory , the body was not disappeared by the dictatorship. The first results of other laboratory detected: Dipyrone ( drug banned by the U.S. FDA in 1977) , an estrogenic waste treatment (to reduce the size of the metastases ) and a flavoring or fruit juice (which could be the poet last breakfast in Santa Maria ) Clinic. The second round of tests analyze toxic gases and bacteria. At present , it appears that Neruda died after injection of dipyrone , El Mercurio de Valparaíso described an allergic reaction: " The sudden pressure drop experienced yesterday , after giving him a sedative injection , forced the treating physician Roberto Vargas Salazar, distinguished urologist and nephrologist, interconsultation call a cardiologist . ' This is a very important low pressure ' explained the doctor and professor of cardiology , who would not yet identified " ( 24/09/1973 ) . The newspaper Jornal do Brasil completed the clinical picture , according to the report by Paulo César Araújo: " [ Neruda died ] victim of urological infection [ or urinary ] and chronic phlebitis , as diagnosed in the afternoon [ 23th ] medical Sergio Draper " . . ( 09/24/1973 ) The driver was right Manuel Araya , Neruda died of a shot that was inoculated on September 23, Dr. Sergio Draper should explain why the widow, Matilde Urrutia testified that he injected Dolopirona ( a calming soft) to Neruda? , why injected Dipyrone Neruda ? , was not there Dolopirona in the Santa Maria Clinic ? , does the poet died of medical malpractice , or does the doctors received orders to replace Dolopirona by dipyrone ? , and why hide the identity of Dr. Charles Massera ?