Dossier 22/05/2017

Urgent and important news of the plans created to start the destruction of Nuestra America. (In Spanish)

Venezuela plunged into civil war


Atilio Borón
This threat requires a rapid and forceful response from the Bolivarian government, because as time goes by, things will get worse.
Following the script guided by the experts and strategists of the CIA specialized in destabilizing and demolishing governments, in Venezuela the counterrevolution produced a "leap of quality": of the warming of the street, initial phase of the process, went to an undeclared civil war As such but unleashed with unusual ferocity. No longer are guarimbas, occasional skirmishes or violent street riots. Attacks on schools, children's hospitals and maternities; The destruction of entire bus fleets; Looting and attacks on the security forces, with their water cannons and tear gas in the face of the ferocity of the sedition mercenaries and the lynching of a young man to the cry of "chavista and thief" are unequivocal symptoms that proclaim to the Cries that in Venezuela the conflict has escalated into a civil war that already affects several cities and regions of the country. If something was missing to take into account the unprecedented gravity of the situation and the determination of the seditious forces to consummate their designs to its final consequences, the emblematic fire of the birthplace of Commander Hugo Chávez Frías painfully put an end to any speculation about it.
It would be naive and suicidal to think that the dynamics of this confrontation, conceived to generate a devastating humanitarian crisis, could be nothing more than the prologue for a "humanitarian intervention" of the United States Southern Command. This threat requires a rapid and forceful response from the Bolivarian government, because as time goes by, things will get worse.
The patriotic and democratic call of President Nicolas Maduro to a Constituent Assembly only served to fuel the violence and savagery of the counterrevolution.
The reason is clear: this does not want a political solution to the crisis that it has created. The aim is to deepen the dissolution of the social order, to end the Chavez government and annihilate all its leadership, giving a brutal lesson so that in the next hundred years the Venezuelan people will not again have the audacity to want to own their destination . Attempts to agree with an opposition dialogues sector failed completely. Not because of the government's lack of will but because, and that is the ominous reality, the hegemony of the counterrevolution has passed, at the current juncture, at the hands of its terrorist fraction and this is commanded from the United States. In Venezuela, the Libyan model of "regime change" is being applied, with methodical coolness and under permanent Washington monitoring, and it would be fatal not to be aware of its intentions and its consequences.
The Bolivarian government has offered in innumerable occasions the olive branch to pacify the country. Not only was his offer scrapped, but the right-wing coup scaled up his terrorist activities.
The only sensible and rational attitude that remains to the government of President Nicolás Maduro is to proceed with the vigorous defense of the current institutional order and to mobilize without delay the whole of its armed forces to crush the counterrevolution and restore the normality of social life .
Venezuela is the object not only of an economic war, a brutal diplomatic and media offensive, but now of an unconventional war that has claimed more than fifty deaths and produced enormous material damages. "Plan against plan," said Marti. And if a social force declares a war against the government, it requires a military response. The time of words has run out and its results are in sight.
And this is so because what is at stake is not only the Bolivarian Revolution; It is the very national integrity of Venezuela that is threatened by an unpatriotic and colonial leadership that crawls in the dung of history to implore the chief of the Southern Command and the commanders of Washington who come to the aid of the counterrevolution.
If this were to succeed, drowning in blood the legacy of Commander Chavez, Venezuela would disappear as an independent nation-state and would become, in fact, the 51st state of the United States, seizing this conspiracy of the greatest oil wealth on the planet. It would be idle to stop to elaborate the tremendous setback that such an eventuality would have over all of America. There is very little time, hardly days, to eradicate this mortal threat. The absolute and criminal intransigence of the terrorist opposition closes any other path than that of its complete and definitive military defeat.
Unfortunately, now it is up to him to speak to arms, before, as Simon Bolivar once said, Chavism must recognize that he too has "plowed in the sea" and that all his hopeful and courageous enterprise of national and social emancipation has Jumped through the air and disappeared without a trace. No effort should be spared to avoid such a disastrous outcome.