The USA’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson’s promoting of USA’s Monroe Doctrine from 1823 is the latest example of the desperation of this world power in decline. The US Government officially praises open competition in the world market. But before Tillerson’s recent visit to Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Jamaica, he stressed that the two century old Monroe Doctrine ”is as relevant today as it was the day it was written”. The Monroe Doctrine declared that Latin America is the ”back yard” of the USA and that the European powers of those times should keep out. Now it is China and Russia who have much business in Latin America, who are targeted by Tillerson.

Cuba and Venezuela are at the head of the movement in Latin America that advocates mutual cooperation and independence from USA, the USA that a short time back in history through CIA coups put into operation one bloody dictatorship after another.

Thanks to present-day cooperation, all 33 Latin American and Caribbean countries have signed an agreement that the region shall be a Nuclear-Free Peace Zone. Venezuela shares its oil to the small island states of the Caribbean. Thousands of Cuban doctors work in different countries among the poor who earlier hardly had access to any medical care. It gives hope and is the start of a new future for millions of ordinary people. Instead of this future, Tillerson said that if regime change cannot be brought about another way, it would be the task of the military to get rid of socialist leaders, even if they, as in Venezuela and Cuba, have been elected by the people in democratic elections.

In Tillerson’s own country president Trump is dismantling and privatizing what little there is of public welfare, regulations and resources for protection of the environment are scrapped, the rights of indigenous peoples are put aside for the sake of oil companies’ profits, facts are renamed as fake news.

The USA indicts 13 Russians accusing them of having influenced the US presidential elections. However, if there is someone who dedicates itself to trying to influence political power in other countries, it is the USA. Trump is now budgeting 10 million dollars more to the propaganda war for regime change in Cuba. He has worsened the criminal blockade that Cuba has been subjected to for more than 50 years, aiming to bring about starvation and desperation to get the people to rise against their own government. The USA has hit Venezuela with sanctions. Unfortunately both the EU and our own Swedish government have joined up with the USA in this misdeed. Sanctions only deepen the country’s problems and increase suffering of the most vulnerable, the poor, women, children and the elderly.

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State in a government that didn’t even get a majority of the votes that were cast in the presidential election, questions the legitimacy of the election processes of Cuba and Venezuela. As the Venezuelan opposition is deeply divided, it cannot unite around a joint candidate, and once again risks losing in Venezuela’s transparent, democratic elections monitored by international observers. Due to this, the USA has already in advance disqualified the elections. At the last moment the USA has forced the opposition to abstain from signing a freshly negotiated agreement with the Government of Venezuela. Spain’s previous prime minister social democrat Zapatero has voiced a protest.

 The Cubans themselves have chosen an elections system of personal candidates. Parties are not allowed to participate. Money is not involved. It is the qualifications of the candidates that count. As the USA has not managed to force Cuba to let it be dominated by the USA, the USA rejects Cuba’s elections. The US Government should instead use its energy to solve its own domestic problems and its own unfair corrupted election system. Instead it increases its support to extremist groups that resort to any method they think can topple Cuba’s Government.

 • We denounce the US Government’s arrogant actions against the peoples of Latin America.

 • We demand that the USA, EU and the Government of Sweden abolish their sanctions against Venezuela.

 • The USA must abolish its financial and trade blockade against Cuba.


Swedish-Cuban Association, February 2018


Zoltan Tiroler, President            Martin Österlin, International Secretary