Palestine and Wallmapu: A common fight for territory




As international rejection grows due to the eventual annexation of 30% of the West Bank by the State of Israel, through resolutions of different governments in the world and of different civil society organizations, condemning the deepening of a colonial policy of settlements in Palestine, it is striking that the Chilean Senate has also joined, considering the total contempt that the Chilean State has historically had with the Mapuche people.


A total contempt of the State of Chile towards different indigenous peoples, among them the Mapuche, evidenced by the absence of any type of constitutional recognition of their existence. In other words, in concrete terms, it makes us a deeply institutionally racist country, which should leave us very badly off in the face of the so-called international community, like Israel.


Hence it is striking, therefore, that senators from the Pinochet right in Chile, such as Iván Moreira, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe and Ena Von Baer, have signed, on the one hand, a resolution demanding specific sanctions from the government of Sebastián Piñera to the State of Israel, but at the same time they are fervent deniers of the colonization of Mapuche territory in Wallmapu.


A colonization of the State of Chile that with the occupation of Wallmampu, misnamed “pacification of Araucanía” (1881-1883), a genocide that cost him the lives of 50,000 to 70,000 Mapuche people, took place, and was the beginning of a land appropriation process very similar to what the State of Israel had done with the Nakba, since in both cases they inferiorized and denied these people their status as human beings.


This added to the extractive process of both cases, where both in Palestine and in Wallmapu, there has been an appropriation of common goods such as water by the two States, as has happened with the Israeli water company Mekorot in occupied Palestinian territory and also with the forestry business in Chile of economic groups Angelini (Celulosa Arauco) and Matte (Celulosa CMPC).


It can be said that the condemnation of Israel by those right-wing Chilean parliamentarians, responds to the fact that Chile is the country with the largest population of Palestinian origin outside the Arab world (500,000 people), but its support is not understood when it was the same State of Israel that sold arms to the government of Augusto Pinochet to assassinate thousands of people during the dictatorship, and that has continued to receive and use them democratically to militarize Wallmapu.


A similar situation of communicators and mega entrepreneurs of Palestinian origin in Chile, such as Sergio “Checho” Hirane (Radio Agriculture Driver) and Álvaro Sahie (Owner of Copesa), who have joined the Israeli condemnation, while in those concentrated media outlets in which they are part, they have dedicated themselves to stigmatizing, criminalizing and building the idea of a Mapuche terrorist.


Palestine and Wallmapu: A common fight for territory Andrés Kogan Valderrama Torbjon Bjorlund