Anti-Zionist Jews denounce "falsehoods" of Israel's ambassador


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Through a letter sent to the Uypress Agency, Latin American Jews and Jews denounced what they consider "falsehoods" said by the ambassador of Israel in Uruguay, Ben Ami.
What happened has to do with the protest of more than 60 members of the Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Choir SODRE, who in the letter applaud "for his courageous action of protest and denounce the genocidal practices of Israel against the original Palestinian population. " This, they add, to "the inappropriate gala offered by the city government on the occasion of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel."
In this sense, Ambassador Ami affirmed that "if the Arabs had accepted that UN resolution and had not started a war, today we would be celebrating the independence of two States." Something against what the group of Latin American Jews who signed the letter responded, noting that this statement "contains numerous historical falsehoods and cynically hides important facts."
In the first place, they point out that "the aforementioned Resolution No. 181 of the UN General Assembly (of December 1947) that recommended (did not order) the partition of Palestine, was not accepted by the original Palestinian population because it meant the delivery of more than half of its ancestral territory to Zionist colonialism, represented by a minority of European settlers arrived a few years earlier, and who aspired to take over all of Palestine. "
Also they point out that the resolution was also not accepted by Zionist leaders as they sent "their militias immediately to slaughter and expel Palestinians from their villages, towns, fields, factories or shops, to impose its supremacist hegemony over the as much territory as possible with as few Arabs as possible. "
To this they add that "if a Palestinian State does not exist, it is because for seven decades the Zionist project - which never recognized the existence of that people, let alone its right to have a State - has dedicated itself to illegally colonizing and stealing its land, its water and its natural resources, to the point that today the Palestinian population controls less than 15 percent of its historical territory. "
On the other hand, regarding the use of the word "Arab" by the Israeli ambassador to speak of the Palestinians, they say that "the Zionists refuse to call them that, and some of their leaders consider it 'an invented people'", Although - they point out- "the Palestinians constitute a fifth of the population of Israel, and the majority in all the territory of historic Palestine."
In the second point of the letter they describe as "ironic" that the ambassador speaks of "acceptance of UN resolutions, when the State of Israel has rejected and ignored them for 70 years."
In this regard, they add that "the State of Israel is one of the most repeated condemnations received by the UN General Assembly for 70 years, for the systematic violation of International Law and the failure to comply with hundreds of resolutions of the UN, including withdrawing its colonies from the Occupied Palestinian Territory and creating conditions for the return of the refugee and exiled population, which constitutes half of the Palestinian people. "
Finally, they insist that "since the beginning of ethnic cleansing, the State of Israel has done, through its successive governments, everything possible to avoid the establishment of a Palestinian State."
In this regard, they point to several examples, such as "the conquest between 1947 and 1948 of 78 percent of the territory of Palestine, the destruction of 500 villages and the expulsion of approximately three quarters of the native population (some 800,000 people)" or "the imposition of a military regime and state terrorism, between 1948 and 1966, on the Palestinians who survived the Nakba (catastrophe) and were able to remain in the territory that became Israel."


In addition, as other examples cite "the conquest of the remaining 22 percent of Palestine (West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem) and the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants in the 1967 war" and "the conduct of periodic massacres of the Palestinian population defenseless, as well as other genocidal and ethnic cleansing practices that constitute war crimes, such as the destruction of homes, study and religious centers, [...] or the criminal blockade for more than a decade on the Gaza Strip, which has led to to that small territory and its two million inhabitants to a situation of humanitarian catastrophe ... and a long etcetera ".
Thus, the signatory group affirms "repudiating the ambassador's cynicism", who understands that "the root of the conflict is based on denialism" while the Zionists, as the Latin American collective points out, "continue to deny the Nakba and even a law Israeli penalizes those who commemorate it. Perhaps because it is uncomfortable to remember that the State of Israel was built on the ruins of Palestine, and that it was also proposed to destroy the memory, identity and rich Arab history of that land. "
The signatories call it "cynicism and impunity" for the "other Zionist war criminals, protected by a multimillion-dollar media propaganda machine and for US sponsorship. in the UN Security Council. "
Finally, they point out that "as Jews and Jews, we are tired of being groped and vilely represented by Zionist institutions that claim to protect and take care of us and claim to be our identity, when in reality they confiscate it for their sole purpose: to wash the face of the Zionist project , its crimes against humanity and its false narrative, which denies the very existence of the Palestinian people and the legitimacy of their human and national rights. " "We are not nor will we be accomplices of that opprobrium", conclude