They find rails used to throw political executives into the sea.


                                       Rails found after the complaint                                            The traitor                                                   A discovered hero 
The finding was made possible by the declaration of a soldier who participated in the launching of corpses to the sea. It is the second time that there are remains of rails used to disappear political prisoners in the Pinochet dictatorship.
Five rails used to throw political executives into the sea during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet were found on the coasts of Caldera, in the Atacama Region.
The structures were raised a few days ago to the surface from the seabed, after the declaration of a soldier who participated in the throwing of corpses into the sea and who confessed before dying. The identity of the uniformed is kept in reserve.
The rails are in the Criminalistics Laboratory of the Investigation Police (PDI) in Santiago, where it is expected to determine if there are any elements attached to the metals.
In the place of the finding, experts continue to be carried out before the possibility of more similar pieces.
The diligence is part of the investigation of the Caravana de la Muerte, case in charge of the special judge Patricia González and that makes reference to a delegation of soldiers who at the end of 1973 toured Chile and left in its path about a hundred prisoners politicians executed in different cities of the country.
Calama and Copiapó.
It is presumed that the metal beams can be linked to the 26 bodies unearthed in 1976 in the Atacama Desert and that corresponded to political prisoners killed in October 1973 by the Caravan of Death in Calama.
In this case, it is known that the bodies were thrown into the sea from an Air Force plane, according to the judicial mechanic Sergio Lopez Maldonado, who threw the bodies.
In addition, the discovery could be related to three extrajudicial executions that occurred in October 1973 in Copiapó, 75 kilometers southeast of Caldera, also at the hands of the Caravan of Death.
The victims were the general manager of the Salvador Copper Company, Ricardo García Posadas; and the union leaders of that company, Maguindo Castillo Andrade and Benito Tapia Tapia, whose bodies were buried in the cemetery of Copiapó, but then disappeared from the area.
Second discovery of rails.
This is the second discovery of rails used to throw bodies of prisoners to the sea since 1973.
The first discovery occurred in September 2004 in Quintero, 44 ​​kilometers north of Valparaíso.
According to judicial statements by non-commissioned officers and mechanics of the Army Aviation Command, between October 1973 and August 1977, at least 500 bodies were thrown into the sea from helicopters of the institution.
Several statements coincide in that there were at least 40 flights, which transported between eight and fifteen bodies each.
The corpses were placed in sacks, sewn with wire and tied to a piece of rail for sinking.
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