Popular Anthology 1972

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The Nerudians and Nerudans have established relations with the Palestinian nation and other solidarity organizations before the arrogance of the Israeli Zionist regime
Our protest against the unprecedented Final Solution that the Zionists are made with the thousands of inhabitants of GAZA, a Palestinian territory from which no one leaves or enters.
Our president Mr. Manuel Araya Osorio, (main witness in the investigations of the Nobel murder Pablo Neruda), points out "That one of the main objectives is to support with all our capacity the citizens of the world who are fighting to break the blockade against GAZA and develop the communication to the Chilean authorities so that together with the Palestinians who resist we can build a world without walls or blockades, we must defend, like Neruda, the dignity and sovereignty of the people. "
We Nerudians must teach to listen, learn and build relationships among nations and, among other issues, not allow the continuity of the TRUMP project that aims to fortify the racist wall on the Mexican border by taking the apartheid wall of Israel as a model, we assume as part of our responsibility to work to unite the solidary world, which is the majority, to tear down the Walls, the blockades and those responsible for the human rights abuses perpetrated over these years by the USA and the Zionist regime of Israel. ".
It is outrageous to witness the enemy of life and that their actions are hidden by the mass media, which also control them, we demand the end of the walls, the blockades and the murders of children. These soul-destroyers are destroying life, denying the basic freedom of movement and expanding violence and control of the Zionist system in the USA as in Israel.
It is necessary to denounce all that is discovered and that is made to build a slave society. This is the reason why we give the world's solidarity community the deep connections of capital against life:
The land that is being cut by the border wall between the United States and Mexico is full of control towers built by the Israeli military company Elbit Systems.
The Israeli company Elta Systems has just won a millionaire contract for the expansion of the wall.
The Mexican company CEMEX, (with minimal expression of Mexican capital) in turn, is deeply involved in the construction of the Israeli Wall, its military checkpoints and illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian lands.
We urge to continue the boycott of products of Israeli origin.
The whole magnitude of the genocide lived by the citizens of all Europe and the one carried out in Germany is repeated in GAZA and is executed as the FINAL SOLUTION by the best students of the Hitlerian SS, the Zionist-North American capital
In moments of such intellectual darkness we can obtain strengths in the intelligences that preceded us one of them was the Nobel Neruda, who bequeathed us the following "YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CUT ALL THE FLOWERS, BUT THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO END WITH THE SPRING"
Manuel Araya Osorio            Raul Valdivia P.             Sofia Ale Ale                Luis Silva
        President Vice                  President R.         International Relations      Secretaries
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